June 2nd Caulfield Bump-in information.

Address: Glen Eira Road entrance (corner of Kambrook Road) is off the roundabout, there is no actual street address. Enter via the tunnel. Stalls 1-70 will turn left at end of the tunnel. Stalls 71-150 will turn right. Market volunteer will check your stall name and direct you.

Bump-in time is 7:00am NOT EARLIER, as our staff will not be ready to direct yet.

Wait for Market volunteers to direct you to your stall. FOOD STALLS #’s 69-73: The Market volunteer will allocate your stall accordingly. Your final stall# and position may vary slightly. Please follow directions of the Rotary Volunteers.

Stallholders will not be allowed to drive to their stalls after 8:55pm. Late comers will be directed to an alternate site or have to carry their goods to their stall site from the visitor’s Carpark. This is a safety precaution; no vehicles are allowed to drive in the market area after opening time of 9:00am.

Stalls Location Map:

Stallholder Allocation List: https://caulfieldmarket.au/stalls/CRRCM_Stall_Allocations.pdf
Please note: your allocation may vary month to month due to market layout changes.
(Note: you may have to refresh your web browser to see the current list.)

Please set up your marquees/stalls 1 (one) metre back from the foot path. 

The Reserve is an open area and prone to gusts of wind. Your marquee and displays must be able to withstand these conditions. 20kg weights and pegs on each leg of the marquee are recommended.
Stalls #s 5-14 are on asphalt so pegs are not an option there.

Ensure that your vehicle’s parking brake is on or wheels chocked after your stall setup is complete.

Bump-out time is 2:15pm. Please exit the reserve by 3pm as the bollards will be up and locked.

Please take all your rubbish with you. No food dumping. Stallholders supplying free drink samples please ensure that the sample cups are disposed of at your stall. Violators will not be allowed back.

– Latex or Mylar balloons are prohibited for sale or use at our market: for the protection of our allergy sufferers and the reserve itself.

Emergency Management Map: https://caulfieldmarket.au/map/CRRCM_Emergency_map.pdf

– All sites are “no undercover” (byo cover) and are non-powered, (byo approved generator).

– If you have to cancel before market day due to your own reasons and we are not able to put another stallholder in your place, then we are unable to move or refund that booking. (You are not permitted to send a substitute stallholder with different goods from those described on the original booking application).

ADVERSE WEATHER (updated 14-10-23)
– CRRCM will operate the market in a variety of adverse weather conditions and CRRCM members or volunteers will remain in attendance irrespective of the adverse conditions.

– In the event that the weather conditions become difficult for Stallholders to trade and the market is NOT officially called off, stallholders can make their own decision to dismantle their stalls and leave the area. Should Stallholders leave prior to advertised market opening time, it is the stallholder’s responsibility to notify the CRRCM manager or Rotary volunteer leader prior to leaving, in which case RCOC will provide a 50% credit towards the Stallholder’s next stall at the market. There will be no credit for Stallholder leaving AFTER advertised market opening time.

– If a market cancellation becomes absolutely necessary before market day, all attendees will be emailed 24hrs before market day. Stall hire fees will be refunded.

July 7th
August 4th
September 1st

We are now able to nominate certain stallholders as “Regulars”. That will put you on the list for automated reminders for the next and future market sessions. That will greatly streamline the application process: all you have to do is click “Yes, I’ll be there”. Current “Regulars” who do not consistently attend may be dropped from the list (but you may still apply at any time).

“Regular Stallholders”…take note: we will hold your regular spot(s) 1 week after the new sessions opens for applications. After that, we will assume that you are not attending and allocate your stall to a waitlisted applicant. Late applicants or confirmations may either be waitlisted or be allocated alternate locations than usual.

Thank you for your participation in our market.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE MESSAGE US VIA THE ISSIMO BOOKING CONFIRMATION (Where is says “Click Here to Reply” in the green bar in the message). Your messages won’t get lost there.

Caulfield Rotary